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We unlock value in supply chain & operations

We help clients with bold ambitions who face big challenges. Our specialist team helps to enhance customer-facing performance, improve economics, and enable growth across the full spectrum of supply chains and operations.
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The 'why,' 'when,' and 'how' of smart warehousing

E-commerce is booming: sales volumes continue to grow. Extreme demand peaks and rising trends – such as same-day delivery – result in new e-fulfillment requirements and challenges. In the past, warehouse operations mainly consisted of bulk orders in the form of boxes and pallets containing the same products. Now, orders are comprised of different combinations of items. The product range stored in warehouses is wider, which is why the inventory consists of more slow-moving products. At the same time, an efficient, productive warehouse remains crucial, as it contributes to employees' motivation, process lead times, and (ultimately) customer satisfaction.
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I get passionate about the untapped value still locked away in supply chains all over the world. I love how together with our clients we get to think of the big strategic ideas that unlock this value.
Erwin Matthijssen

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