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What opportunities does 5G offer to your company?

07 Oct 2020
5G has arrived, and it offers a myriad of opportunities in the field of digitalization and automation. Networks are being rolled out as we speak. The fifth generation of mobile communication, 5G promises to be a lot faster because it uses higher frequencies. This means more data can be sent. Additionally, more devices can be used in the same area.

The question is, how can your company capitalize on the opportunities provided by 5G? In this blog post, we'll list the 3 main benefits, explaining how they may affect your organization!

1. Higher capacity

Since 5G makes it possible to use more devices in the same area, it is considered the catalyst for connecting machines and people on a large scale. Of course, this elicits images of the future in which self-driving cars fill the streets of smart cities, automatically making room for ambulances and taking detours when roads get too crowded.

But let's zoom in on the present for a minute: your company can benefit from the increase in capacity, too. While until now, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things seemed abstract and rather futuristic, 5G will allow us to realize them to a great extent. For example, robots and self-driving pickup trucks can work autonomously in factories and intercommunicate to handle tasks in the most efficient way. This will enhance productivity and safety.

2. Lower latency

Latency, which represent the time between sending and receiving data, is important to everything that requires a real-time response. In healthcare, for instance, a patient's condition can be monitored automatically. Transportation companies know exactly where each vehicle is at what time, which helps them pick more efficient routes. And retailers can offer customers the possibility to virtually try on shoes or clothes because 5G enhances the performance of augmented and virtual reality. This may improve customer satisfaction, which can ultimately result in higher returns.

3. Higher speed

Collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data takes less time, which means the performance of various applications can be improved. As a result, data can be used when making new decisions or going through fresh processes — which used to be impossible due to too much computation time (among other things). Furthermore, you can accelerate and improve data- and AI-driven decisions.

Making the impossible possible

In conclusion, 5G opens up a world of opportunities, making the impossible possible in many respects. Which opportunity will your company seize?

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