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Airbus Services

Achieving sustainable growth in the services business

Achieving sustainable growth in the services business

What they asked

Our client, a global aircraft manufacturing and services company , launched a programme to take the services business to the next level. A double-digit growth percentage was targeted. They approached us to assist the Airbus Consulting team to establish the base line and together with key people in the organization to identify opportunities to enable the required accelerated future growth.


What we did

In order to understand and map the potential opportunities in greatest detail and ensure maximum awareness, participation, involvement and buy-in the first phase of the programme consisted of a 2 month period in which a large number of individual interviews and team workshops were performed with Airbus Services and associated staff around the world. Outcomes of these sessions were processed and grouped into a number of initiatives for subsequent implementation in phase 2.


What we accomplished

Structural approach to ensure large number of interviews and workshops could be conducted in relatively short timeframe and the results could be compared and grouped resulting in a list of improvement initiatives for various functions within the Services organization. These initiatives were all picked up for implementation through agile teams. In the implementation phase we also assisted in setting up and managing the overall transformation programme.

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