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Planning and productivity


Supporting our client in the rollout of a countrywide network of volunteers

Supporting our client in the rollout of a countrywide network of volunteers

What they asked

One of the key goals of our client, the Dutch Heart Foundation, is saving the lives of people who suffer from cardiac arrest. To maximize chances of survival, a person suffering from cardiac arrest must receive CPR and - preferably - be hooked up to an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) within 6 minutes of the event. This requires a countrywide network consisting of CPR volunteers and AEDs.

What we did

The client team tasked with this program needed to analyze the requirements, the current rollout state, and the required rollout. We provided assistance in this regard. To achieve the final rollout state, various projects were defined in collaboration with corporate partners and major cities. Subsequently, these projects were kicked off and monitored.

What we accomplished

The analysis resulted in a clear overview of the requirements for realizing the Dutch Heart Foundation’s ambitious goal: nationwide coverage by the end of 2018. The road to achieving this was defined by the projects identified. Currently (2018), the client team is working to accomplish their goal in a diligent and efficient manner.

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