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Supply chain finance

Ministry of Economic Affairs

Supply chain finance strategy for SME

Supply chain finance strategy for SME

What they asked

Our client is the Dutch Government. Since the crisis, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) in the Netherlands are struggling to secure funding for their working capital. The Dutch Government wants to investigate how Supply Chain Finance (SCF) could help provide an additional source of funding. Therefore, they have defined four main questions to be answered:
  1. What is the economic rationale behind Supply Chain Finance? 
  2. How does the SCF adoption in the Netherlands compare to other EU countries?
  3. Should the Dutch Government stimulate the adoption of SCF for the benefit of SMEs?
  4. If so, how would they go about doing this?

What we did

We had extensive discussions with three main stakeholder groups to learn from their experiences:
  • Corporates: both those who currently have SCF programs and those without;
  • SME: those participating in programs, those who have been offered participation, and those unfamiliar with the instrument;
  • Subject matter experts from across Europe: financial institutions, academics and SCF solution providers.
In addition, we made a quantitative analysis of the current status and future potential of SCF in the Netherlands.

What we accomplished

Our preliminary findings were presented during an SCF seminar at Nyenrode, in the fall of 2013. The Minister of Economic Affairs offered our final report to the Dutch Parliament in the spring of 2014. This report encompassed the following. We gave an overview into the current status of SCF in the Netherlands and Europe. We provided insight into the main hurdles facing corporates in adopting a supply chain finance program and into the specifics of including SMEs in these programs. Further, we gave insight into future prospects for SMEs as SCF gets more widely implemented and finally provided three main recommendations on how the Dutch government should proceed with SCF.

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