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Supply chain finance


Development of a supply chain finance strategy

Development of a supply chain finance strategy

What they asked

Our client is a leading Dutch bank that was looking to develop a ‘Supply Chain Finance’ offering. Reverse Factoring (RF) was the first product to be considered. SCF was a relatively new field and our client wanted to gain insight into four areas:
  1. Strategic framework: what role will SCF play within supply chains?
  2. Product: what should their SCF offering be and how should it be positioned?
  3. Value: what is the underlying business case, including risks?
  4. Implementation: which steps are required to implement successfully?

What we did

Working closely with our client, a joined product development team was set up in a 'pressure cooker approach' to deliver along two main axes. During the project, we had extensive discussions with existing and prospect customers, subject matter experts and people involved in existing SCF programmes. Along one axis, we developed a thorough understanding of the strategic relevance of SCF in supply chains. This resulted in a tailored SCF offering and associated business model. On the second axis, we designed a blueprint for running the RF offering within the bank and identified the steps required for implementation.

What we accomplished

We delivered a strategic framework describing the ‘end-game’ for SCF, the role of banks therein and the competitive market dynamics. We delivered a tailored and “ready to roll out” RF offering complete with associated sales logic and roll-out strategy containing a listing of top-100 target clients. The developed blueprint includes a target operating model, process model, funding structure, and high-level IT-design. A business case and supporting documents were developed for internal product approval. The RF proposition was approved and has been successfully rolled out.

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