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Integrated business planning


Redesign the operational processes, planning and ways of working

Redesign the operational processes, planning and ways of working

What they asked

Our client is the second largest mail company of the Netherlands. It has grown rapidly over the last few years and it estimates that growth will continue over the next five years. Extrapolation of this growth results in a large increase in required peak capacity. Especially smaller orders disturb the regular flow of the bulk handling process and absorb the majority of the capacity. Worryingly, this is the market segment where the projected growth is expected to be realised. The client asked us to transform their sorting and distribution processes and planning to cope with the expected growth.

What we did

We determined the operational impact of the commercial 5-year-plan and confirmed the robustness of the company’s delivery network to deliver that plan. In parallel, we disclosed a need for urgent measures to adapt our client’s mail sorting processes. Subsequently, we designed a sorting process better suited to handle the growing intake of small orders. That new process handles smaller orders more effectively and efficiently. As a consequence, small order handling has become scalable, while no longer disturbing bulk the volume sorting processes. In addition, we introduced pull instead of push operational planning. Finally, we launched and secured the proof of concept as a crucial step towards full implementation of new processes, planning principles and ways of working.

What we accomplished

The measures taken established a new operational platform for growth. This platform realised improvements in four areas. It opened up the opportunity to grow in time critical and small order market segments. Secondly, it safeguarded delivery performance while the company is growing. Thirdly, it increased productivity which saved cost. Lastly, the platform improved employee satisfaction and avoided the need to invest in new hardware. We created acceptance and internal ownership to drive the implementation. An accomplishment which is most valued by our client.

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