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Asset effectiveness and footprint


Determination of the sorting strategy for 2020

Determination of the sorting strategy for 2020

What they asked

Our client is the second largest mail company of the Netherlands. After years of extensive growth with a single proposition, the company wanted to launch new propositions to capture future growth. The company asked us to assess the impact of these new propositions on their handling and sorting processes. In addition, they wanted to reconsider whether more mechanisation should be applied to (parts of) their current processes. The resulting sorting strategy should enable them to implement the new propositions within 6 months and guide their decisions during the next 5 years. 

What we did 

We modelled the expected volumes for each proposition over the next 5 years in different market scenarios. We identified different options for offering and implementing the new capabilities required by the new propositions such as track and trace and dealing with un-coded mail. We interviewed industry experts, potential partners and suppliers of various mechanised sorting solutions. The above allowed us to develop and compare a number of scenarios on sorting and handling cost, process complexity and required investments. 

What we accomplished 

The optimal sorting and handling scenario for each stream was determined in terms of sorting logic, manual versus mechanised sorting and insourcing versus outsourcing of activities. An action plan captured the steps required to be able to launch the new propositions within 6 months. A longer term sorting strategy described how to scale the operation when volume grows and/or the mix changes.

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