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Support a decision towards a 15-year Masterplan

Support a decision towards a 15-year Masterplan

What they asked

Our client is a leading European airport. The airport has a runway configuration that enables growth. Its one terminal concept has proven to be very successful over the previous decades. To accommodate future growth, the airport considers a range of new infrastructure investments and process improvements. Additional measures are also required to maintain and further develop network connectivity, visit value, and passenger quality. Our client asked our assistance to streamline the internal and external decision-making process.

What we did

We captured all investment proposals and converged them towards two masterplan scenarios. We tested and modelled all market and investment scenarios including cost assumptions. We built a robust and long-term economic model to capture the impact of different market, capital market and investment scenarios. We facilitated the decision making on the Masterplan 2025 strategy. We updated the economic impact for any new or adapted investment scenarios, market scenarios or pricing agreements.

What we accomplished

A new masterplan was presented to the board. The project resulted in a well-tested and sound financial business case enabling our client to go forward with their Masterplan 2025 strategy. The masterplan itself captured all investments between 2015 and 2025, in a €1 billion investment programme.

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