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Get to know Anke Konst

Anke Konst
Senior Associate
Anke believes that great technical ideas only are great ideas if they are communicated in an understandable way.

Anke started at the beginning of 2019. She finished two masters at the University of Groningen: a master in Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial studies and a master in Education. After improving her technical skills at Quintiq, she choose a career in consulting at M3 to gain more knowledge in her field of passion, Supply Chain and Logistics, as well as having client contact.

After work, Anke enjoys to perform on stage in different improvisation shows, work out during a crossfit training or go skiing in the Alpes.

I am fascinated by the view looking down from an airplane, seeing all kinds of supply chain and logistic processes at work. The interactions, connections and dependencies are endless and complex, which is intriguing to me.
Anke Konst
Senior Associate

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