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Get to know Suzanne Bras

Suzanne Bras
Suzanne especially likes consultancy because of the combination of working analytical and interacting with people.

Suzanne joined M3 one and a half year ago, after she graduated from Delft University, where she studied System Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management. The combination of being analytical by solving the puzzle and then being more business-focused by using the solution to help the organization forward, Is what she likes most. She loves having that duality, because it’s intereseting to think about different aspects of a problem and it's motivating to see how your solutions are being used in the end. 

Next to this, she likes the diversity: every project is for a different organisation, has a different goal and thus needs a different approach and therefore no two days are the same. This diversity is refreshing and makes you learn much more than working on the same project over and over. 

In her spare time, she loves to cook different cuisines from all over the world and especially from countries she has visited. Next to this, she likes to play volleyball and loves skiing.

The human side of consultancy is what motivates me: finding solutions that benefit organisations to help people forward.
Suzanne Bras

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