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Get to know Tim van Pelt

Tim van Pelt
Tim is an energetic and inquisitive analyst with a wide interest in business operations.
Tim joined the team after studying Operations Management and Logistics at Eindhoven University of Technology and Strategic Management at Tilburg University. He likes the balance he has found in his role at M3: that is the analytical part – creating digital models and simulations of reality, and the part where he gets to visits sites, meet clients and find out what they do. What sets him aside are his creativity and keen eye for detail without losing sight of the end result.

Whilst he enjoys travelling for work, Tim also enjoys travelling the world: his first trip entailed five months in South East Asia and he is thinking about his second adventure.
We celebrate our success, but then move on and focus on the future. Because yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.
Tim van Pelt

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